Moles and Skin Tag Removal

A mole or skin tag are generally innocuous cluster of skin cells that can appears anywhere on the body. They are usually  black or brown  in colour. They typically emerge before 20 years of age. If the mole appears later in life or if it starts changing size, color or shape, there is a need to give it a thought. If it has cancer cells (concluded by skin biopsy report) it has to be eradicated right away and kept under surveillance.

Most of them are not cancerous and need not to be excised but they may appear unpleasant and very annoying if present at wrong place and hampers the confidence of person. In that case, be it a mole or a skin tag; it must be erased from the body. At Derma Health Lasers and Cosmetology, we provide effective treatment for moles and skin tag removal.

How they can be removed?

Skin tags and moles can be removed by any of the following procedures

  • Surgical excision- Both moles and tags can be removed by excising the skin tissues after numbing the area. Scarring may occur in case of larger moles.
  • Cryotherapy- mainly used for skin tags.
  • Laser removal- The laser light gets converted to heat that shrinks or eliminates the tags and moles.

After removed, it ordinarily won’t return. But a new mole or tag can appear at another place on your body.

Benefits of laser mole removal

  • The procedure is non-invasive with little to no complications.
  • It has a very quick and minimal recovery period.

What to expect after Laser therapy

  • There may be redness or mild discoloration, pain and swelling, bruising, or irritation, temporary scarring for 24 hours after laser therapy.
  • Area should be kept clean and direct sun exposure should be avoided.
  • You may see peeling around the treated area.

Sometimes people try various methods like tie off tag with thread or burning mole or wart themselves. I would request you not to do so as it may lead to bleeding and infection. With our experienced team and latest technologies, Derma Health Laser and Cosmetology provides you the best treatment for mole and tag removal.