Laser Tatto Removal

Getting tattoos is very common nowadays with face tattoos even growing in popularity. There are many reasons to get tattoo done by people- it may be cultural, personal, passion or simply because they like the design. It is very common for people to have permanent tattoos. This is so because, with modern technology, a tattoo can also be removed with less difficulty. Laser treatment could make removal of permanent tattoo possible. Laser tattoo removal is the easiest and the safest measure to clear away your tattoo.
Derma Health Lasers and Cosmetology offers you the best laser tattoo removals in Faridabad. Our well-trained team of specialists will guide you and provide the best laser treatment possible according to your tattoo’s shape, size and condition.

How does laser removal work?

Laser tattoo removal is the most efficient and cost-effective way to remove tattoos. Laser sends out energy in one strong pulse. This pulse of energy heats up the ink in your skin to dissolve it. With the help of high-intensity laser beams, the pigment color breaks down. The black tattoo is easiest to treat as the black pigment absorbs all the wavelengths of laser. Different color tattoos are treated with lasers of different wavelengths.

You’ll need to receive a number of laser treatments over several weeks or longer to remove your tattoo. Lasers don’t completely remove a tattoo but they can lighten or fade it in order to make it much less noticeable.
The average duration of treatment can vary from person to person. The duration and number of sessions depends upon the age, size, and color of the tattoo.
Laser Tattoo Removal


⦁ Antibacterial ointment should be applied to skin for several days following each procedure. The ointment will help in healing of skin and will reduce the chances of infection.
⦁ For the next two weeks:

⦁ Keep the treated area clean and dry.
⦁ Avoid wearing tight clothing.
⦁ Avoid direct sun exposure of the treated area.
⦁ Don’t pick at any scabs or blisters that form to reduce chances of scar