Melasma / Pigmentation Treatment

Melasma Pigmentation is a painless skin disorder that can cause substantial emotional distress. The disorder can be difficult to treat, but at Derma Health Lasers and Cosmetology, we customize the treatment plan after looking at your skin to see how deeply the melasma penetrates the skin.

 What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation refers to enigmatic darkening (hyperpigmentation) or lightening (hypopigmentation) of the skin. Melasma is commonly caused by UVR exposure, trauma, medicines, hormones, chemical constituent, and deficiency of Vitamin A & C. The normal skin contains melanin creating cells called melanocytes. Melanin is responsible for brown colored pigmentation of the skin. In melasma, the melanocytes are unusually dispersed which give rise to pigmentation complications.


Melasma Pigmentation Treatment

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a brownish pigmentation of face which is very common in Indian skin. The pigmentation disorder causes appearance of brown and gray patches on your skin, predominantly on your face. Chloasma also known as the mask of pregnancy; is a required hypermelanosis of sun-exposed areas occurred during pregnancy and it can affect 50-70% of pregnant women. Sometimes, the terms melasma and chloasma can be used interchangeably. The most common areas for occurrence of melasma on the face are forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks and upper lip. Melasma is primarily caused by some medicines, contraceptive pills containing hormones, hormonal causes, aggravations by sun-light, perfumes or cosmetics.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Melasma

The first and foremost symptom of melasma pigmentation is the development of discolored patches on skin. In some people, the pigmentation patches may appear on the arms and neck.
The skin condition of melasma is easy to diagnose during a visual examination and by taking proper medical history. Sometimes, to distinguish melasma from other skin conditions, we may consider skin biopsy. A skin biopsy is a diagnostic procedure of scooping out a part of your skin for further examination. In this procedure, sample from the skin surface of your body is cut or removed.

Melasma Pigmentation Treatment

There are various procedures for the treatment of melasma and hyperpigmentation along with oral and /or topical medications depending on the depth of pigmentation
⦁ Laser Therapy
⦁ Chemical peels
⦁ Microdermabrasion,
⦁ Micro-needling
⦁ Meso Therapy or PRP

Melasma can be stubborn, though. It may require a few months to see improvement from the treatment. After clearance of melasma, you will have to keep taking treatment sessions for your skin. Maintenance therapy can prevent melasma from returning. Apart from the treatment procedures, there are various preventive measures to avert melasma. These steps include

⦁ wearing sunscreen daily
⦁ wearing broad-brimmed hats outside
⦁ avoiding direct sun exposure
⦁ using gentle skincare products
⦁ eating a healthy, balanced diet
⦁ maintaining a healthy weight
⦁ managing any underlying health conditions

Skin care is very essential as it is the largest organ of the body exposed to outer environment directly and contains blood vessels, nerve endings, hair follicles, pores, sweat glands etc. At Derma Health Lasers and Cosmetology, we ensure the best dermal treatment experience for melasma pigmentation tailored to your skin.